The Soft City - Gehl Architects Masterclass

David Sim
Partner & Creative Director, Gehl Architects, Denmark

The intent of this masterclass is to build capacity and understanding around the unique approach of Gehl in understanding and informing design for the many aspects of urban life.

Gehl’s work is based on empirical study, quantitative and qualitative research of peoples use of public spaces. Gehl provides strategic guidance aimed at maximizing the potential for ‘Life Between Buildings’ in the design of new development sites, as well as in existing neighbourhoods and city districts.

Part One
This half day masterclass will start with a general introduction lecture by David Sim to the theories of Jan Gehl and their applications for those working in urban environments.

Part Two
The introduction will be followed by a practical exercise using the Gehl Quality Criteria for Public Space. David will introduce the Quality Criteria and the participants will then test the Quality Criteria in the field. This practical hands-on exercise will be followed by a presentation of the results and group discussion.

Part Three
Based on his newly launched book, David Sim will present three in-depth mini-lectures covering the three main chapters of Soft City:

Building Blocks for living locally
Which is about achieving a denser and more diverse building stock

Getting about and getting on in a congested and segregated world
Which is about accommodating a broader range of different mobility options in urban neighbourhoods.

Living with the Weather in times of Climate Change
Which is about bring people closer to the natural cycles of weather, about spending more time outdoors as well as connecting indoor environments better to outdoor ones.

At the end of each part there will be an opportunity for Q & A, and group discussion.

Part Four

This is an opportunity for participants to raise questions about their own particular challenges in making Softer Cities in the Australian context.

David is renowned as an inspiring educator and lecturer, and has taught at architecture and design schools all over the world. For more than ten years David has been focusing on Masterplanning Frameworks and urban design, collaborating with other professionals in the planning and building process, applying Jan Gehl’s theories to large-scale projects.           

The Details:

Wednesday 23 October 2019
1:00pm - 5:00pm 
The Ville Resort, Townsville
Tickets: Early Bird $325 - Standard $385


Masterclasses are strictly limited to 30 participants and subject to minimum numbers to proceed.Available for full conference delegates only.

PO Box 2313, Brookside Centre, QLD 4053
P: +61 7 3161 5901 or Email