Reactivating Townsville City Centre Field Trip

Wednesday 23 October 2019 |  10:00am - 4:30pm

Our journey of inquiry will uncover a new reality for North Queensland with our world-class sports facility being built.  In the CBD we will see how ‘blue buildings’ can make you happy, safer and reduce risks to your business. We will visit our Gateway to the Ocean (Port and Ferry district) and appreciate the Heart and Soul of Townsville.

Palmer Street

Here we begin the tour at Palmer Street - one of Townsville’s main eatery districts. The street has recently been refurbished with new lighting, pavements, seating and street trees. Through collaboration with different partners, this street has become an example of stakeholder collaboration using sustainable energy technology to light the way, and get us from A to B safely across our city, whilst making the street safe and cool.

From the street of eating, with a ‘fast charge’, we surge towards the new Smart Precinct under development in South Townsville, to hear from business and government about this innovative response to supporting business and industry.

Smart Precinct

This new city project will be more than just a co-working space, it provides a space for local businesses and industry to explore their problems together and work with Townsville’s best minds to solve them.

A new innovative space for Townsville, the idea stands on the shoulder of a giant (our smart people and technology journey). This innovative space links flood recovery with smart technology and small business start-ups, supporting and activating new businesses for Townsville.

Working towards the overall goal of economic and jobs growth in Townsville, the Smart Precinct will provide a base for both new start-ups and existing businesses.

Helping existing business and industry to innovate will support their growth, while providing an opportunity for Townsville to retain local talent and encourage innovation.

Port and Ferry District

We will visit our Gateway to the World (Port and Ferry district) and appreciate this new extension of the Heart and Soul of Townsville. Townsville developed as a port city from mining and cattle.

The port precinct has a rich history of holding back the ocean, beginning in 1864. A lot has happened over these years, reflecting the transformation of the city; exporting and importing herds of cattle, and now people.  

Priority Development Area

This field trip connects some of the cities key activation’s in the Priority Development Area (PDA) that have cultural/social importance to the city whilst contributing significantly to the economy through innovative design, green linkages, low cost solutions, job creation, smart technology integration and the involvement of local people preserving and enhancing Townsville’s environment and lifestyle.

  • Flinders Street and the new transport hub – a hive of activity
  • City artworks
  • Ross Creek Boardwalk proposal – integrating urban and natural systems

Stadium Northern Australia

Our journey of inquiry will uncover a new reality for North Queensland with our world-class sports facility being built. 

Through travelling back to the future, where a vision for Northern Australia sits on the shoulders of our Townsville’s North Queensland Stadium and builds on the sporting glory of the Cowboys NRL football team to demonstrate resilience and sustainability in buildings, people and culture of our city. 

The Stadium Northern Australia will provide Townsville and northern Australia with a world class sporting stadium. By using the best available technologies the stadium will be a state of the art blue building offering reduced operating costs.

Townsville CBD Smart City Solar City -

Townsville is a hub of ‘blue’ buildings that reduce costs and risks to business, while enhancing resilience.

In the CBD the city has been transformed over the past 10 years, and we will see how our ‘blue buildings’ can make us happy. Why? Because they can reduce costs, maximise productivity and save the environment.

Discover how our new and old buildings are leading the way in innovation, through design and retrofit; creating an energy efficient CBD.

Connected buildings use wireless, fibre, low cost sensors and low frequency radio to share data and analytics to provide better building, people and city management.

White roof buildings can reduce cooling costs and provide a lower ambient temperature during power outages allowing windows to be opened and breezes to flow.

Blue buildings contribute to a resilient city and contributes to our blue planet. 

The Strand

Developed 20 years ago following a disaster, this stretch of coast has become an iconic destination for locals and tourists; connecting the CBD to our coastal environments. A proposed blue (crystal) lagoon is planned to be the jewel of Townsville’s tourism, culture and an active place to play. The strand has become a hub for accommodation, events, exercise, eating, swimming, playing and socialising.

Sustainable lighting for walking tracks and coloured lights

Jezzine Barracks

Where past victories meet future success. Jezzine Barracks is a significant piece of Townsville’s history, linking the Battle of the Coral Sea, earlier threats and the transfer of the land from Defence to City.

We will walk along the cliffs of Kissing Point to view some of the 32 military and Aboriginal public artworks which commemorate the sites significance. Large-scale landscaping works have also opened up this 15-hectare heritage precinct to become an activated public space.

A sea boardwalk links the defence area, to the Aboriginal Plant and Cultural Trail and back to a giant piazza framed by military colonisation.

Rowes Bay

Our home, their home and a coral reef at the front door and wetlands in the backyard. The tour will finish at our very own Sustainability Centre, where sustainability is being learned by young students coding and sensing their local environments from buildings to wetlands and reefs. Our centre is a community hub which we demonstrate ‘simple’ measures for retrofit sustainable homes, such as; 

  • Benefits and costs of white roofs
  • Wind turbine
  • 2 types of solar shading
  • Solar hot water 
  • Battery storage
  • Electric plug in car
  • Low garden water use 
  • Reduced cost energy lighting
  • Recycling food scraps
  • Urban food gardens
  • Stunning views of the Coral Sea out to Magnetic Island

Meeting Point:

Meet at the front entrance of The Ville Resort at 9:45am, ready to depart at 10:00am


Early Bird: $30.00 (ends 2 September)
Standard: $35.00

Note: Tours are available to full conference delegates only. Numbers are strictly limited, with a minimum number required to proceed.

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